The terminal for monitoring the periphery of the cash equipment

project image the main board
project image the child board
project image appearance of the product

Korobochka3 can significantly extend the capabilities of the cash equipment, ensuring the implementation of additional business logic in case when cash register's software modification is extremely difficult or undesirable. Hardware-software complex consists of two boards (main and child), complete in metallic body.


In the apparatus for multithreaded processing and data capture are used COM-ports that connect to printer, scanner, display, and NFC-reader. For network connection there is Ethernet-connector. Also there is a connector for power, USB port, a connector for connection with the keyboard of a cash equipment and indication lights.


Specially for this project has been designed and assembled test stand. The build system both for test software and firmware of the product is fully automated.


Being located in the periphery Korobochka3 manages the entire system of cash-handling equipment, setup and execution of commands is performed through local and remote access. The software provides different modes of operation, including a mode processing system hangs. Updates can be done either online or manually.